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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nvidia GTX 590


One more newcomer to the world of mainstream. Nvidia's latest product gave off a high enough ability. GTX VGA 590 is a monster this year. Why is that? Because of VGA is very thirsty power shown by the present 2 pieces connector adds power, Memory 3 Gb768 bits. Imagine the performance was within our grasp ...... he he he, we shall besurprised. But do not rush - rush to buy it we also do not forget to see our power supplyshould not be discharged due to "The Monster" is. 



What if compared with the ATI HD 6990? Indeed, the GTX 590 performance stillremains above the ATI HD 6990 ati party not to be outdone, ATI HD 6990 can be displayed in 5 max screen at once while the GTX 590 haya available ports for 3 screensonly.



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