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Abaut Me

I was born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia Ungaran April 1979
From start birth through college I did not leave my hometown.
After getting pekaerjaan I began to live migrate from one city to other cities in Central Java until finally married 10.10.2010 in Magelang, Indonesia
I love to organize. Any organization that exists primarily began when in junior high schoolup until college I attended allThis I do because I want to get knowledge than thosetaught in the lectureBecause the science that I got in college plus science in the organization is important enough capital in the community or a plunge into the world of workAnd in fact it proves ..........!
Hoby my adventure, make blogs and play computer games
Sports are my passion is swimming and football
Until I am always happy whenever memparbanyak friends from all classesall nationsand all religions
Glad to have many friends .......

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