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 Intel Pentium G630

Increasingly crowded consumer computers that are competing to have the dream to have a good computer but with the economical budget. Whether it's one reason Intel issued a new pruduk into the family of Sandy Bridge, but with a cheap grade. Intel realized that she probably had a lot of product release - the upper middle-class product. While Rivelnya from the red camp with a lot of incentive to issue a lower middle-class processors ....... he he he
Intel Pentium G630 is a new product from Intel's family of sandy Brige using FCLGA1155 socket. 2.7 GHz clock speed, two of the core, 3 MB of Smart Chace, 65 W. For Memory Type DDR3-1066 specification, two channels of memory, max memory bandwidth of 21 GB / s
This processor is arguably quite advanced in that it has integrated with Intel HD graphics VGA Base frequency max 850 Dynamic Frequency 1.1 GHz. Not bad for the lower middle class can taste the sandy bridge technology at an affordable price. Intel-party fix the price $ 75.00 in September, while in October a plan was pegged at $ 64.00 . Wow ........ intel brave enough to take this step.
So there is nothing wrong with this one a try in hopes if there is more money can be upgraded to a class thereon by one family for sandy bridge because the socket is still the same - the same FCLGA 1155.
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More Info : http://ark.intel.com/products/53483/Intel-Pentium-Processor-G630-%283M-Cache-2_70-GHz%29


AMD FX Zambezi


New - These are the new AMD plans to release a new processor that reportedly is a rival of the sandy bridge (second generation of Intel's stronghold). This processor-based AMD FX Bulldozer by name Zambezi. Several variants of the core of this processor Quad-Core (FX 4100) to 8 core (FX 8150).
Reportedly will be issued later this year setember months but for some reason postponed until later this year as well. Is the Zambesi with Intel-based Bulldozer crushes. Certainty we wait .....

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