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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VGA Card Ati Rodeon HD 6990


Rodeon Ati VGA Card HD 6990 is a new innovation from one of the largestmanufacturers of vidoe Grapic the ATI adapter. It has the intention to hit the green campof the new nvidia - has just released the GeForce GTX 590. A new innovation from the Ati one of which is designing a VGA that can be used to display images / video withvery high resolution. And finally succeeded in removing Ati HD 6990 can play the gamewith 5 weight and displayed directly monitor with a resolution of 5400 x 1920.



Wow ......very cool, you'll feel like playing games on a movie screen he he he. For those of youwho like to overclock available button. Automatic clockspooed live push will increase butremain in safe bats. Do not forget when you do this of course will remove the warranty sticker factory warranty will automatically disappear. For the gamers and the hobbyoverclock then this is not a problem he he he. And another one nautical innovations are available in VGA Dual Bios. Please try the greatness of this VGA card.


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